Why should I participate in Avayava? 

AVAYAVA is an exciting contemporary dance festival in Pune, India that hosts artists from India and abroad in a variety of dance styles that can be deemed Contemporary - changing with the times. 

At the centre of the festival is its strong training component; with Intensive workshops and master classes in various disciplines of Contemporary Dance - aimed at both, a specialised and a more broad audience. It is also one of the few curatorial festivals in the field of dance in India that showcases International video-dance, documentaries and hosts performances by artists from around the world. Through the festival we aim to present the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially engaging works to audiences in Pune and the cities around.  

Other activities as a part of the festival include the insightful conference 'Conversations with Artists' and presentation of dance related installations/exhibitions. Since 2015, we also organise a creative movement program LittleAVAYAVA for the young children in the age group 5-11 years. 

Through Avayava you will be able to reach to a new audience in Asia and around. You can rub shoulders with fellow artists, promoters and directors from around the world. You can make use of our expert organisational and production facilities to showcase your work and network with people for future collaborations. 

From 2012 to 2016 over 60 creators, such as choreographers, filmmakers, performers and trans-disciplinary artists from all around the world have participated in the festival. Over 120 students have attended the workshops and masterclasses in disciplines like Contemporary Dance, Martha Graham Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Contact Improvisation, Cunningham Technique, Improvisation strategies, Hi-Tec tools, Acrobatics etc to name a few. The performances at Avayava have been attended by over 1000 people and were widely appreciated by the audience.


How do I take part in Avayava? 

Please read the Application Guidelines carefully before applying for the festival. 

Once you have done that, select your category and fill in the dedicated application form before the last date of the applications for each year.  

If you are applying in more than one category please fill up separate forms for each so that we have detailed information and therefore, can make an informed decision. 

All applications are carefully reviewed by our team. Shortlisted participants are informed about the results and given a deadline by which they would have to confirm their participation. This is also when we will provide you with the invitation letter, if you requested for it. 

We will already have collected more information in terms of funding status, availability, technical requirements and so on through the application form. Though the majority of the selected artists are programmed for the same year, we might consider artists on a year-round basis or even invite them for the next year based on availability and other such aspects. 

Once confirmed, you can apply for your visa. India allows citizens of some countries to enter India with an e-visa. You just need to fill in the requisite forms before your date of arrival. 


Will you be able to pay for all aspects of my application? 

As with all other major Dance Festivals, we run on an extremely tight budget with minimal to no outside funding. As a young contemporary dance festival we are still getting funding bodies and sponsors into place and our team works through the year to find people who might be willing to partner with us on the same. What we cover in terms of remuneration are local costs - fixed domestic airport transfers, accommodation and local travel costs. We also cover the cost of the venue rental, production costs, technical crew, publicity and marketing for your work as a part of Avayava - Contemporary Dance Festival. Check application guidelines for more details on this. 

Our performances take place at the Shakuntala Jagannath Shetty Auditorium that seats over 500 people. The stage floor is 16m wide by 11 m deep with 3 wings on the side. Since, there is more than just 1 performance in the event 'An evening of Contemporary Dance' on the last day of the festival, we provide you with a generic light setup that can work for everyone. If you have any small but extremely specific light requirement (apart from the generic setup) please specify the same to the festival team.

We strongly advise our artists to apply to their local art funding bodies to cover travel expenses. Should you require a letter of support after your selection for the festival, feel free to contact us for any assistance.

We will do our best to guide you through the entire process and should you have any queries please feel free to contact us.