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Nov 30 2016


We are pleased to invite dancers based in India for the scholarship program at the AVAYAVA - Contemporary Dance Festival, India 2017.
The 6th edition of the festival will be organised from 13 April - 16  April 2016.

Since 2012 AVAYAVA has seen some of the most passionate, down-to-earth and dedicated teachers offer workshops/master classes at the festival. We have been extremely fortunate to offer a diverse program with India’s only Gaga Technique & Batsheva Repertroy Workshops; Martha Graham Technique, Release Technique, Horton Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Acrobatic Workshops, Contact & Improvisation to name a few. 

We believe that a passionate individual who can become a great artiste one day should not be held down because he/she does not have the means to afford the world-class training that AVAYAVA has to offer. Through this initiative we want to give back and support the flourishing of the dance community in India. 


What do we offer?


We offer 2 Full Scholarships (to the 3 day workshops and all other events that are a part of the festival) and a limited number of partial scholarships. The dancers who receives the full scholarships will intern with us, help us with the marketing, work backstage as well as get the opportunity to train closely with the amazing choreographers from around the world. 

Swapnil Dagliya and the Avayava Team offer the full/partial scholarships based on the individuals passion for dance and his/her dedication towards training to be an amazing artist one day.


Who is eligible? How to apply?

  • The scholarship program is for Indian Nationals only. 
  • You have to be between the age group 14 - 28 to apply for the scholarship. (Please provide proof) 

To apply, please send the following to dancefestivalpuneATgmailDOTcom and fill out the application form below. 

  1. Your CV/Dance Resume - Mentioning details of your previous dance training & performance experience(If any). 
  2. Motivation Letter - Mentioning why you dance, why do you want to be a part of AVAYAVA. 
  3. 2 Letters of Recommendation from your previous dance teachers. 
  4. One Headshot or Dance Pose/Picture

    *You do not have to be a professional dancer to apply for the scholarships. As long as you want to learn and have the passion to dance, you can apply for the scholarships and come dance with us. *Your scholarship does not cover transportation, food or accommodation costs. 
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